September 18, 2018  
Homeowner want fast sale

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Homeowners sometimes need to sell fast.

We work with sellers and investors/buyers 

For different reasons. Life is not always as planned and sometimes thing happens or it's a roller coaster. 

Reasons are:

- Power of Sale due to failure to pay the mortgage

- Foreclosure- more common in West Canada (British Colombia, Manitoba)

- Divorce and marriage break down

- Lost of job/ source of income.

- Death in the family, spouse want to move out and start a new chapter in life.


When Homeowners need to sell fast there are investors/buyers. The buyers are investors that want to buy the property for different reasons but at a deep discount from the market value.

- Buy, renovate and sell (flip)

- Buy (Wholesaler) and sell (Flip)

- Buy and Hold (Rent to tenants)

- Buy and find tenants that will buy the property (Rent to Own) 




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