September 19, 2018  

Call Michael Tepper at 647.476.3076 for Condos for rent or for sale in 7608 Yonge St. Michael knows the building. I own a condo unit in this building and it is my Home office. I work with other owners to sell or rent their units. 

 Cםמגןאןםמד Aפפךט

7608_yonge_st_vaughan.jpg  7608_yonge_st_vaughan_luxury-condo  7608_yonge_st_vaughan_luxury-condo  7608_yonge_st_vaughan_luxury-condo

7608 Yonge St- building   7608 Yonge St-WaterGarden  7608 Yonge St- lobby          7608 Yonge St-party room


Call Michael Tepper at 647.476.3076 for condo for rent or for sale in the building. Michael know the building at 7890 Bathurst St. Michael help his client to buy a condo from Liberty development (the builder). Michael Tepper manage the condo apartment for the owner.

7890_bathurst_thornhill.jpg  7890_bathurst_thornhill-legacy-park_condo  7890_bathurst_thornhill-legacy-park_condo

7890 Bathurst St-Legacy Park                                  North Park Rd Thornhill, Vaughan

Michael tepper help buyers to buy condo in 20 North Park Rd for investment. Michael Tepper manage the condo apartment for the owner.

Vaughan real estate- condos and homes for sale, rent or sold last year in Vaughan and Thornhill neighborhoods. As a real estate broker Michael Tepper know Thornhill real estate. Buyers and investors invested in condos for rent in North Park Road in Thornhill and in Legacy Park condos in 7890 Bathurst St. Michael Tepper acted as the real estate broker represent the buyers in the real estate transactions and continue as the condo manager for the investors looking after the condos. 

List the condos for rent on Toronto TREB / MLS and other public channels and websites include brokerages websites, brokers and real estate agents website to find qualified tenants for the condos. 


What for sale or for rent or SOLD in the following buildings:

7 North Park Rd. and 15 North Park Rd. Thornhill, Vaughan

20 North Park Rd. and 30 North Park Rd. Thornhill, Vaughan

50 North Park Rd. and 60 North Park Rd. Thornhill, Vaughan

75 North Park Rd., 85 North Park Rd. and  95 North Park Rd. Thornhill, Vaughan

Legacy Park Condo: 7890 Bathurst St and 7900 Bathurst St Thornhill, Vaughan 

7608 Yonge St. Building name: Minto WaterGarden     



NADLAN Realty Ltd., Brokerage

7608 Yonge St Unit 529

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Office: 647.476.3076

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