August 21, 2018  

What is a Syndicated mortgage? Why developer need money from private investors and not from the banks.


You Can Be The Lender

Learn about Syndicated mortgages as an investment option

Invest in FUTURE projects in the Canada Real Estate market

Invest in future real estate projects that start with a vision to build residential properties such as high rise condominium towers with retail stores and offices, commercial plazas, detached homes or townhomes. Project initiators come with a vision to convert vacant lots or combine lots by demolishing old houses and start the process of making their vision come true.

Developers take the vision from the drawing boards, submit plans to the city to have it approved by them and by local residents all before they even start the marketing and sales campaign to secure finance from banks and investors.

Banks provide funding for 65% of the finance only after 70% of the project has already been sold on paper. Therefore developers invest 10-20% of their own money into a project - and this is where syndicated mortgages come in.

Syndicated mortgage companies secure money from companies and individuals that provide loans to developers in return for an 8% annual return rate or higher. The return, of course, is for the risk that the lenders are willingly taking.

On paper, the syndicated mortgage is registered as a second or third mortgage, whereas the construction loan from the bank is registered in the first place.

As part of Nadlan Realty's array of investment projects, we offer our clients the opportunity to invest in syndicated mortgages with a firm we have worked with that provides construction financing for commercial, industrial, and residential mortgage-based financing in Toronto & the GTA.

Nadlan Realty is a registered mortgage brokerage with Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO License 11828). It's important to use that our clients have full disclosure and transparency to all information regarding investments, in order for them to do proper due diligence and make a decision that suits them.



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