August 21, 2018  
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: Why buy home with Nadlan realty
Why buy home with Nadlan realty

When you buy with Michael Tepper - the real estate broker who work with you and for you!. Mr. Tepper listen and pay attention to what you want and what you need. What area you condider to buy? What type of property: Detached or condominium, price range, number of bedroom, bathrooms, parking. also,Mr. Tepper need to know about special needs because we are not the same. 

We will provide you with a gift certificate of $2,500 in cash back it will help you with closing cost, renovation or money in your pocket.  


With Nadlan realty and Mr. Tepper, get your dream home and the expertise you need.


  • Building a buying strategy: area to consider, type of the house, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, parking and even Schools, Transportation oe special needs
  • House hunting- search listings, visit properties, follow up
  • Finding comparable homes in TREB  that SOLD or listing FOR SALE and what are the asking price for homes on the market for sale and what was the SOLD prices of homes SOLD in the last year 
  • Preparing an offer for presentation and negotiation with the listing agent and the seller
  • Handling the negotiations at the negotiation table.





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